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Digital awareness

digital awareness & competences

We live in a digital world, which is constantly evolving. There is a lot coming our way and for some it is simply beyond their comprehension. The younger generation juggles it as if it is “peanuts”. For “oldies”, it is not easy to get on that express train and to follow. These “anciens” are 45+, at the top of their game, but digitally inadequate. Let’s avoid them getting off at the next station!




Course: Career interviews (2021) => “Mid year review”

“What I found particularly surprising about the online training course: “How to perform a mid-year review” was the interaction between the trainer and the group. It is a challenge to convey the same ‘feeling’ online as during a physical training, but Jean-Claude succeeded very well. I have participated in similar trainings before, but I really took something extra from this that I can use in my daily work. Very good how the ‘role plays’ could still be conducted online. A fun and informative training.”


Course: Team Alignement (2021)

“Jean-Claude guided the InsPyro team towards better communication skills. During the 2-day workshop different communication tools are not only discussed but also set into practice.”


Course: Leadership and Communication (2021) 
“This course is given by a very professional person, who stands in front of the group with all his passion, knowledge, own experiences and not to forget humour. It was a pleasure to follow this course with Jean-Claude. I learnt a lot and was able to apply it in my work as line manager of a large patisserie.
A big thank you!”


Course: Leadership and Communication

“Hello Jean-Claude,
I found the course very interesting… both the interaction with your audience, in which you turn theory into a practical story and the accompanying documentation. I don’t have any negative points about the way you teach… both the dynamics you use with the group and the personal approach are an absolute asset. As you have already noticed, I follow the pieces from the course and try to implement them in my leadership tasks.

I do understand that you are partly dependent on the reactions of your audience and how you can respond to them. But I suspect that most groups are somewhat evenly divided.

Keep up the good work, and hope to see you on the next course.”


Course: Leadership and Communication 

“Hello Jean-Claude,

I think this was a very good training, given in a very light-hearted way. I come from a technical background and this training has opened up a new world for me.  I try to apply the communication tips as much as possible because I am convinced that they will really help. I am convinced that the training will help me to become a better team leader. In the beginning, I did not really know what to expect from the training, but I am definitely satisfied with it. The interaction you made with us ensured that it was certainly not a boring theoretical course.

I have positively recommended the course to my superintendent so that others can take it and hopefully we will meet again in future courses.”